Trying to upgrade


Very bad customer service or should I say None at all.

I can not upgrade and they won't take their own Visible phone as a trade.

Chat in Messenger told me nothing they can do, sorry to see you go. Wow!

I have been here for years and can't get help. All I want is to upgrade because I have to,

so they should help. No Phone#, No Email, I can not believe it.


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Visible will help and can only do that if you allow them to. Those cheap Visible phones are basically disposable phones which is why they sell so cheap and likely don't want them back in on trade. Even my noncompatible Motorola phone I bought from them 20 months ago that I paid $216 plus tax and that is only worth $10 on trade so I didn't even bother with a trade. If you want to stay with Visible and the phone you have is outdated just buy another cheap Visible brand phone and proceed with the upgrade. One of the reason the plans are cheap for a truly unlimited plan is no phone system to run with personnel, the other is no brick and mortar stores. You have chat, Facebook messenger, Twitter and Visible reddit page to contact them. If your preference to contact someone by phone then another carrier might be more suited to your needs.


Good luck!