Changing from Visible to Visible+


From various posts I thought I could get better answers here in community than chat or phone call. I have the visible plan on one of the phones in my family. It’s a iPhone 7S Plus. The data is terrible. I have done all of the suggestions I could find I case it was me not doing something right.  I had Sprint for a long time but they never upgraded any towers by me so I switched to visible.  I didn’t think I needed the Visible+ because it’s not a 5G phone.

     So now I’m thinking I want to switch to Visible+. So my questions are: (1)Are the Sim cards different for the two plans and will Visible send me a new SIM card ?  (2) what is the procedure to change over? (3) How do I get notifications changed from text message to email? The iPhone 7 is my sons phone and every time it wants verification it sends text to his phone and I have to ask him to send it back to me so I can work on the account if that makes sense. Both email addresses are mine as I set both phones up but they want to send text to his number instead of my email for that number.

     Thank you for any help you might give me



Hi @Johnboy72 - Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out.  I'll try to answer your questions below:

  1. If you are on the new Visible plan and not on a grandfathered plan, the SIM card should be the same.  If not, they will automatically ship you a SIM card for free.  I recommend making any changes by Wednesday, that way if they overnight you a SIM, you'll get it before the weekend.
  2. Log in to your account and select the new plan then confirm the change.
  3. Unfortunately there isn't a way yet.  However, us Superusers and others on the forums have pleaded to allow another method for validation (think for example if SMS was broken on your phone and you needed help or to log in to your account).  We've suggested that additional methods be added, but nothing yet.

Hopefully that answers your questions.  If so, please mark this as a solution.  Or if you have follow-up questions then please do not hesitate to ask.

Ryan Blake - Information Technology Leadership Professional | Superusers are not employees of Visible, but are users just like you.
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Thank you Ryan. I am on the new plan so that should eliminate one glitch lol.  Lots of things up in the air. I was thinking the plans aren’t the same so probably would get a new card? so that says to me maybe any poor data problems are in the Visible programming for my plan? I guess I will be answering my own question if I switch to the new plan and don’t get a new card. If its not any better data then work from there but hopefully better. I need to clarify my poor data is 5mbps. Thank you. I will be posting my results after I switch


@Johnboy72 I recently activated my phone with Visible's base plan, but decided to upgrade to Visible+. Had some trouble switching plans in the app & on the site as the Plan section of the account page was static & couldn't be changed. Sharing what ended up working for me in case you & others encounter the same issue.



  • I used the digital assistant & selected "Help upgrading network" in the chat drop down menu with the question "upgrading to visible+" (you should be able to ask the question however you like).
  • The digital assistant will respond with a summary of both Visible plan options along with two clickable suggestion links: 1) Learn more about our plans & 2) Step up to Visible+. Click on the Step up to Visible+ button. You will then be taken to your Account page to upgrade the plan.
  • I repeated the above two steps about 4-5 times before I was finally able to switch plans (didn't clear cache & used the same browser for each attempt). On my final attempt, there was a link under the Plan section of the account page to upgrade to Visible+. From there, the UI was pretty intuitive. 

Good luck!