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I’m having trouble getting visible to unlock my phone. I purchased it in December and it should automatically unlock in 60 days. It did not. I have been in contact with visible daily since February 22. It is now March 20 and there has been no resolution. I’ve been told countless times that my case has been escalated to an internal team. I’ve even been told that it would be resolved in 24 hours yet when I contact them again for an update it’s like I’m starting a new case and the chat agent is approaching my problem as if it’s a new problem. Has anyone had this issue? How did you get it resolved?


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I have not had this issue but have read a couple situations like this. Was it in service on the account(and phone number) it was purchased under for 60 days? If you bought the phone on one account and was used on another Visible account or someone else used their SIM in it then it wouldn't get unlocked. 


Did you get a case number when it was escalated? Make sure you have that number to reference so a new case isn't started each time. Not sure what else to add. Hopefully another customer that has had this issue will respond.


Same experience here with their chat service.   It's maddening.  


Visible has repeated NOT unlocked my phone.  The phone is paid for. It was in service for longer than 60 days.  I have had several chats and escalations.  NOTHING is being done.  Now I am told to put another carrier’s sim into the phone. But the phone only has a esim and it is locked and I cannot down load another esim.  I basically have a $1000 paper weight.  How can I get this accomplished??