Update owner name from previous owner to mine


My phone still showing previous owner of the phone number.  How do I update to my name.  NO help from Vsble support



Are you referring to what the caller ID of your phone number shows? Last year mine showed cell phone user or something like that as my caller ID shortly after I started with Visible. There is a company outside of Visible/Verizon that controls caller ID and I can't remember who they are now. I contacted support here and they were able to help me, they contacted this third party company and my caller ID now has me name showing. Apparently the person in support you got a hold of doesn't know how to do that. I wish I could be of more help.

It would help if you know the name of company.   Is it a major phone company or something else?

I did a quick search on Google to help kick something out of memory and what it said and what I now remember it is a database. I assume it is run by a different company but when you call someone your number goes through the database and tags your number with the information. I remember sitting through a chat session last year and the person I contacted knew how to fix it, she put in a ticket with my name or how I wanted it to show when I called someone. I remember my number showing something like cell phone user. The support person that I chatted with said it would take about a day and sure enough it was changed. Apparently the person you chatted with didn't know. Only way to fix it is to go through customer support. I know chat sucks this year and takes forever, it was shorter last year. You can try Facebook Messenger or Twitter and message them but not sure how long it will take to get an answer as I have a problem with the new plan and my phone showing it isn't compatible. I have sent a message on FB 3 days ago, opened an account on Twitter and sent a message 2 days ago and no response, looks like their response time on Twitter is around 5 days maybe longer.