Upgraded to Visible + now I don’t have cellular data

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I received my new SIM card for Visible + yesterday and did the activation process via the app on my iPhone 13PM and also eSim download. Issue I have even after being with customer services for over 1 hour and re-downloading my eSim profile twice is that I still don’t have mobile data access. It shows 5G or LTE but the iPhone states “could not activate cellular data network”. The reference number I was given by Visible care is *****. 
I would appreciate it if I could get access to mobile data again. Since if I’m not on Wi-Fi then I can’t do anything other than make voice calls or SMS texts. Thanks 


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You're not alone. I'm going on 28 hours of "no service". Upgrading your plan bricks your eSIM. Apparently it's happened to multiple people. I have been in contact with support four times now and the impression I'm getting is that Visible engineers have really screwed up the transition process "from NiB to Core system". It's absolutely infuriating, especially since I've been a customer since beta. Whatever the cause is, they've been working on it and I honestly don't think they know what's going on. If anyone else reads this DO NOT CHANGE YOUR VISIBLE PLAN OR YOU WILL LOOSE SERVICE.

I plan on not changing my plan until these bugs with the rollout of the new plans are fixed.

Same problem here.  Started the eSim download to convert to new $30 plan. Got error halfway thru download.  Have no service on phone for two days now.  Visible chat help is absolutely pathetic and useless.  Switching carriers asap. 

Did this ever get fixed? I am on day 3 with no data or text after upgrading to the iPhone 13 and I too am getting the run around. I'm curious if they can even fix it or is it time to give up and switch a real service. 


I don't know how any of you upgraded to the new plan! I was going to try the + Plan but there is no option to change from my currant plan. Was in chat with tech for over two hours. They could not figure out how to switch as a currant vissible customer using an esim to one of the new plans. They thought there was an option to "Change Plan" on Home screen or in the Account screen but there is NO option to "change plan" it was after midnight before we disconnected. I have a ticket number but there is currantly no fix. 

The option should show up in the Visible app. But as you've read, DO NOT UPDRAGE or you brick your eSIM

In the app? Thats what they thought. But there is no option. Spent over two hours with them trying to figure it out. Have most currant iOS and currant APP version.

Looks like they removed the option for now due to all of the issues currently happening

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Same problem with physical sim. I also have 13 PM, ordered a new sim yesterday, and it came in today. Followed all the steps and even reset network settings. Once I restart my phone, it says default "Activating your service may take a couple of mins" and after like 5 mins, it says, "iPhone is not Activated". However, in my case, I can't even make or receive phone calls which is fing insane. And as you can guess customer service is unreachable, it doesn't even show my place in the line. I'm left wondering if they even tested transferring on more than 1 case. 

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If you received a SIM card why was it necessary to download an eSIM? Does the phone not accept a physical SIM?

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Both my two iphone14 pros failed to activate the esim card, contact customer service to wait more than three hours, can't solve the problem, their engineers screwed up


Did this ever get fixed? I am going through it now and I'm now on day 3 of no data. I can't even send texts.