Upgrading to visible+

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Be careful if you upgrade plans cause they take away your access to the party savings and don't tell you about it, and you get the SAME EXACT service than you do in the cheap plan. Supposedly you're supposed to get 5G but nothing has changed. 

So don't let them swindle you into upgrading plans, just stick to what you have, IT'S THE EXACT SAME!

It's sad that this "new" company is already starting to uphold the "values" of their mother company....




While I agree upgrading from the unlimited to the new plan has few reasons to upgrade other than to a new network that I assume is 'better'.  Speeds/Pings/Etc.


Upgrading to the plus plan does have some additional benefits. Seen here: https://www.visible.com/plans/


Since my phone is not 5G compatible and I don't do international calling, and I do not rely on my phone for my data needs, the plus plan does not make sense for my individual situation.


Also, depending on if you looked at your app and other communication, it is was very clear that party pay terms are changing.


I am working on upgrading from the unlimited (legacy plan) to the new basic plan.  It is only $5 a month, $60 a year and worth it to me to see the benefits.  Although not everyone will feel that way.



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If I upgrade from old plan to say unlimited+ will they send me a new sim turn off my current sim and have me without service for one to two days waiting for a new sim? 

First your statement is not correct.  You don't get 5g if you don't have 5g coverage in your area.  Did you check that first?  Do you have 5g coverage in your area?  If not of course you won't get it.

Which statement are you referring to, because ALL of my info is based off info that was given to me from the visible app and/or visible itself.



So don't upgrade the plan? I do not get 5g at all. I am a uber driver and when i get a request for a ride it takes forever to connect. I lost a lot of rides today because of that.I guess visible+ is no different.  i should of stayed with tmobile. This is what i get for trying to save a couple $.


100% stay with t-mobile, since I have posted this my service has gone to 1Mbps and now my son can't even watch his educational shows that help him cause he's autistic. 

But yes, I "tried" to save a couple bucks also, and this is what I got. 

I wish you luck cause that's not good losing money like that, especially since the govt isn't helping any either. 

If your a Uber driver I think visible is not for you, you have to get more reliable internet, I'm not telling you what to do and if it works for stick with visible. If you lost jobs that means if you would be paying more for your service you'll be able to get more and easier jobs so why save a few dollars when you could make more in the other side, if you don't use less than 60 gig you could look into straight talk wierless if you don't use more than 100 but more than 60 gig look into US Mobile, US Mobile probably has the fastest internet for a prepaid company with straight talk you get decent speed but it's definitely better than visible 

You have a good point cause you can choose t-mobile or Verizon towers with U.S. Mobile also, BUT they don't offer the "true unlimited" Hotspot that visible offers, that's the only reason I stay with visible is so my son can use the Hotspot for his educational videos.

I'm thinking about getting an old phone and just putting their cheap plan on it before Oct when they lock the party pay so he can use as a "hotspot" in the house and I can go back to a reliable data company with 5G in my area. 

They give you 50 gig hotspot at full speed no cap on the hotspot speed 

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Don't speak your mind about visible on here, within the same day I wrote this they started deleting my comments and I haven't had over 1Mbps service since this post, and it was perfect before then....

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Yep same, I have noticed 0 change in service, I am just paying more.

Exactly, they also said that if you're in a party pay group that you get to stay in it, as long as you're in it before Oct, so I upgraded and THEN they told me that I couldn't get my party pay discount, and upgrading is definitely NOT what they say it's supposed to be, at all.

If they wasn't so cheap even after going up on the price, and with unlimited hotspot for my son, I would take my business back to t-mobile, lol.

Edit: and I wasn't even one of those ppl that's getting them for 5 dollars a month, I decided not to do that cause if everyone did it then they would definitely go up on the price, but you can see where "playing nice" got me, lol.