Visible Account on Web is asking for SMS Authentication,but I cannot access SMS due to faulty device


Hey there everyone, I am in need of accessing my Visible account so that I could start a support ticket regarding a faulty Pixel 7 I was sent that I had ordered as a replacement for my LG G8 (as LG no longer makes phones and are no longer serviced my many carriers including Visible). 


When I login to my Visible Account on the web I am asked to set up SMS authentication but given no option to either do it now or later. So I have to follow the prompts and then asked to read the text sent to me but I cannot access these SMS messages due to my Pixel 7 having the black screen of death. Which appears to me now to be a common issue with this line of phone. 


Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?


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You need to contact customer service and they can disable the 2FA for 24 hours. You don't need to sign into your account to contact chat, on your account page click the little blue box in the bottom right and that will open the chat dialog box, type agent once or twice and this will get the attention of a live agent. You can also contact them by Facebook messenger or Twitter.


Yes I second that.

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