Visible Device locked even for a replacement device


So a backstory, I have had my service since March 2023 and bought a device from visible luckily I bought apple care on it. My device ended up being stolen and I got a replacement device from apple. I just redownloaded the sim and the new device says SIM LOCKED. I asked CSR about this, they are like ya its going to be locked for another 60 days basically like a new device, even thought my stolen device was unlocked. Looks like im stuck with Visible for another 60 days & no one wants to help to unlock the new device. Unbelievable!!


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From what I have read about a situation like this is even though the phone is replace by Apple it is SIM locked to the first carrier that it is used on and in this situation it is Visible. This is just something I read so not sure how true it is. From my understanding there is no unlocking it prematurely. Only way around this would have been if you had bought it outright as factory unlocked.