Visible+ Discount for Existing Customers


I recently "upgraded" to the $30 plan from my Party Pay plan when asked to by Visible.  I see that now users on the previous Party Play plan are now offered the option to upgrade to Visible+ for $35.  I'd like this option as well.  How can I get this pricing as an existing customer? 


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About the only option you would have is to port out to another carrier temporarily and then port back in on a new account. I believe I read that even customer service had said that to one customer that was complaining about it to them. The discount is for new members also and with a new account you should qualify for it but I can't say for sure it will work though. I have read on Visible reddit page it has been done. If you are getting the valued member discount($5 discount) on the $30 plan and it doesn't work you would lose that discount. Also, if you have accrued any friends and family discounts you would lose those also when you port since you have to close your account or it will be closed on port out.