Novice II

Upon Visible now charging all customers $25 mo. for Basic, my account still shows my plan at the previous rate of $30 mo. I pointed this out to both a chat help person and a company relations officer. I was given a $5 discount for Nov. 2023 after complaining to chat help. Wondering if my charge per month will permanently be $25, I received a docx from corporate saying my upcoming Dec. 2023 charge will be $30 and a $5 “welcome discount.” What about my Jan. 2023 charge? Will they just keep giving me a $5 welcome discount from here on out? Or will they wait until I see January’s “upcoming” charge is going to revert back to $30 unless I complain? Why don’t the simply change my account as being Basic $25 mo. It now still shows Basic $30 mo. How long will they keep giving me a $5 “Welcome Discount”??? Just have to wait and see???


Novice III

The discount for me has been continuous.