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 I think Visible is a good deal. Better through the end of this month as new customer accounts are $5/mo cheaper for 24 months. I’m happy for others to get a deal and will share the promo news. Visible doesn’t owe me or anyone anything, but it irks me that existing customers get nothing. Leaving and opening new account January 31 will save $120.  That could be a good discount on a phone or something. Agree? Disagree? 


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Visible is prepaid and sure it may be nice if existing customers could get on the discounts but look at it this way. If you go into a grocery store and buy a dozen eggs at $5 and tomorrow sales flyer comes out and the sale price is now $2 a dozen do you expect the grocery store to give you $3 back since you already purchased it? Visible does this to draw in new customers just like any sale a retail store has, it is done to sell product. Most of these promos are for new customers, Visible has done a promo for existing customers in the last year but that promo was to save $10 a month if you are on the base plan and upgrade to the plus plan. 


If you plan to port out and back in just make sure that you have it completed by end of day January 31st or you could possibly end up without the promo.


Another way to save money is get your referral code listed in the savings spot here, in the Megathread on Visible's reddit page, X(Twitter) and accrue credit that apply to your bill. I have been paying $5 a month for a while now. Bad thing is when these promos come out where the referral code can't be stacked with the promo it does make it harder to accrue credits.

Imagine you buy five cartons of eggs a month for two years. Behind you is a first time customer who the store thanks for visiting and says they can have four cartons a month for the price of five for the next two years. Years, not months. You may congratulate that customer, but you’ll likely be a bit chafed at the grocer. For two years you’ve been buying eggs there instead of somewhere else. And for two years you’ll pay more each month than the new guy. If I buy fuel at station X  I earn loyalty discounts on future fuel purchases. The local coffee shop punches a card, every fifth cup “free”. They are offering something for my repeat business. Visible does not. People are creatures of habit and will keep on keeping on with monthly charges. Because of that Visible isn’t likely to offer the same incentives to keep their customers as they are to attract new. But the could occasionally make some gesture.

That analogy makes no sense because no store isn't going to offer a 2 year discount on a product that changes almost daily. 


As far as wireless goes from what I have read there are very few if any that offer loyal customer perks pre or post paid. If there are you might want to find them and port out. Pretty much all promos at any carrier are geared to new customers to draw them in. Visible has offered current customers deals and of course even I have missed out on them because I was too late or didn't qualify. One was the free phone offer for those that hadn't upgraded from the old system but I go over it fast. 


You have 2 options either port out and port in and get the deal like others have done to get the discount for the plus plan before and after the promo that was offered to current customers. The other option is just port out and not come back! Good luck with your decision.


PS. If saving money is that big of a deal maybe make coffee at home instead of spending upwards of $10 a cup for it. There is a reason they can give the fifth cup of coffee away. Maybe one less a month would easily make up for the money lost on not getting the Visible discount.





It gets the point across.  

If I stop buying coffee it’ll save me money? Interesting. 


It certainly didn't get the point across to me because that analogy of the 2 year deal on eggs was just wrong thinking.


I guess you can't read either. I didn't say to stop buying coffee, I said make it at home instead of at a coffee shop since you mention getting a 5th one free. I also said maybe one less a month would make up for the lost Visible discount. 


You best bet is to port out since you are being treated so poorly by Visible. Buy! 



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I should make coffee at home instead of at a coffee shop? I don’t make coffee at a coffee shop.

I don’t feel mistreated. But I do like savings.


“Buy!” 😁

I don’t think you really unsubscribed. It’s too tempting not to look. 

I sincerely hope you have a good day DeanKevin64. Thanks for the fun conversation.