Visible Service to a mobile hotspot device while working in Europe


Does anyone have Visible wireless service and work in Europe?  I will be traveling with a mobile hotspot device Solis Lte.  Do you have issues connecting your mobile phone or laptop to this mobile hotspot?


Does Visible have international plan from Europe to USA?



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Not with Visible but it shouldn't matter. You connect to it as to any other hotspot using WiFi. You may want to familiarize yourself with WiFi calling prior to departure.  You manage their hot spot using their app or their web portal.

Visible's international support is mostly limited to calling talk & text to other countries depending on plan:

Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico and Canada (both plans)
Unlimited calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico when you are in the US.

Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Roaming in Mexico and Canada (Visible +)
Talk, text and use unlimited data when traveling in Mexico and Canada, plus the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Data speeds are reduced to 2G after 0.5 GB/day.
Roaming capabilities are not yet enabled on certain devices, see the Visible Help Center for the latest information.

International Calling from US to 30+ Countries (Visible +)
International calling included from the US to 30+ countries. Call up to 500 minutes per month at no additional cost.

International Texting from US to 200+ Countries (Visible +)
Unlimited texting included from the US to 200+ countries & territories worldwide.