Visible Support Not Responding

Novice III

Visible Support is not responding in all methods; chat, twitter dm, and facebook messages. How can I get in touch?


Novice II

I finally got someone to respond on FB Messenger after four hours. They asked me to verify my email address, then ghosted me. So frustrating.

Seems like a lot of people are struggling with iPhone 14 eSim activation. Extremely terrified.

Yup. I need to transfer the eSIM from my old iPhone 13 Pro to my new iPhone 14 Pro. This really put a damper on what should have been a fun day to receive a new iPhone. Now I'm sitting here waiting for Visible to respond via ANY communication method. At least with a physical SIM, I could just take it out and pop it into a new phone. With eSIM, we're beholden to the carrier.

By a lot you mean everyone that got a new phone today... 

Novice III

Kinda sad to say this but I solved the problem by switching carriers 😅


Just like everyone, I've been trying to reach visible by every method possible for the past 24 hours to transfer my ESim to new iPhone 14. Every attempt at chat starts me with 40+ people ahead of me. I wait for hours and get down to 3 and it kicks me out to the login screen. This happened all night long and all of today. And still, they say "DM us on twitter"...I've sent 4 DMs in 12 hours and still no response. 

I just don't understand why they removed the SIM slot it was so simple you get a new phone you take out the SIM you pop it in the new phone and you good to go and happy with the new phone 


I am also having issues. I am a current customer with service issues and they will not respond anytime I chat them