Visible text messaging is down!

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I know 3 people on Visible, and none of them can receive text messages.  Everyone can send text messages. Visible technical support has not been helpful. Let me know if you have the same experience.

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That's great news b/c is frustrating not to have texting.  BTW, from experience these issues happen to ATT, T Mobile too.  It's not just a visible thing

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got same problem! contacted customer service and work on it for three days but nothing changed!!!

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I am using eSIM. Is the problem only happen to eSIM user?


I am new to Visible and had one problem after another with getting no text.  I saw some response on Visible advising me to send a message to 67777 with the message the message "TRANSACT".  Now I finally get a text afterwards also telling me data and rates may apply when the whole idea of Visible is those rates and data would not apply.  I really am starting to believe I am being totally ripped off.

I think that is standard verbage for most carriers but could be wrong. I have been with Visible for 2 1/2 years, I have saw that message, I have never been charged for texts. 

Thank you. As a new customer I have had so many problems when I got the text it did worry me.  Thanks again for your reply.