High speed data cap?

Does anyone know the high speed data cap on the base plan? I’ve been 50gbs on the plus plan but nothing on the base plan.


There is no cap at all you could use 400 gig nothing is going to happen, the reason why there is no cap because visible is owned by Verizon and it doesn't cost them money every gig versus other carriers have to pay for each gig 

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In a nutshell, there is no data cap on the base Visible Plan. Your traffic is simply prioritized behind others during times of heavy network usage.


The Visible+ plan gives you 50GB not being subject to prioritization - i.e. premium data is data not subjected to prioritization.


The topic is covered along with other limitations at: https://www.visible.com/legal/legal-disclosures


You do have a cap on the $30 but that cap is on all Data, it's caped to 200mbps, I never reached this amount with visible I think they cap it much more 

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200 Mbps is not a data cap that's  a speed cap for the Visible and Visible Unlimited Plans when on 5G.


Visible+ is 5G speed is capped at 5 Gbps.


FWIW, in ISP-speak, "Unlimited" only refers to the amount of data you may use. Use as much as you want subject to other limitations based on plans being offered.


There isn’t the 50GB premium data on the base plan. The base plan has 0GB premium data. It’s all subject to being deprioritized, unlike the + plan.


Here is the summary:


Visible (base) Plan -> No premium data -> de-prioritized data -> No cap on data volume -> Speed capped at 200 mbps for 5G data -> $30/month

Visible+ Plan -> 50 GB priority/premium data -> after exhausting 50 GB unlimited de-prioritized data -> No cap on data volume -> Speed capped at 5 gbps for 5G data (25x higher cap than base plan) -> $45/month


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What is the difference between the old plan and the new $30 plan.


To me they are the same but I am now getting slow downs of my data that is useless. Even zero data at times when I use the app "SpeedTest".