Visible+ upgrade Discount


Everytime I try to use the $10/month upgrade discount, the system insists on over-charging me for the first month.  (First full month at $15, and pro-rated days to next bill cycle at $15/month).

I have entered the discount code, and the system DOES show a $10/month discount, but it still overcharges either for the partial month until the next billing cycle, or for the billing cycle, or both.  Support has been unable to understand my reluctance to pay $15 for something that should be $5.  If the system doesn't get the sign up right, I have zero confidence that subsequent bills will be any better.

Had anyone successfully upgraded without being overcharged?  If so, How?


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From what I have read it is prorated off the full price of the plan so if you are at the beginning of your billing cycle $15 would be the correct amount. Your subsequent payments should show the discount. Customer service would have to clarify as to why they prorate it the way they do. 

Interesting, but here is what happened:  $0.50 for 1 day service (@ $15/month additional) plus $5/month (additional) for next month (this is what the system showed when I tried to upgrade).  Added together $5.00 + $0.50 = $15.50 due immediately.  Hard to understand that math.   Further, the ad I was sent indicated the new rate would begin immediately - not later, not after a full month. There was nothing that indicated that a partial month would cost more than a full month.  Since new customers get the better rate, why are existing customers being penalized for loyalty?

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Your billing date does not change. It is my guess your billing date is tomorrow which is the reason for the $.50 and the $15 is the difference between the base plan and the plus plan. I was just conveying what I have saw what others have posted here and on Visible's Reddit page. You might to contact customer service again and if you are close to your billing date see if the difference should be $10. If you can't get an answer ask for a supervisor or at least a tier two agent and ask for clarification. 


I don't work for Visible, just volunteer here to help answer questions. I don't understand myself some of the things Visible does. I wish I could be of more help.