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Updated to new $30. Plan.  Now voice mail app will not open.  Voice mail is accessable through key pad holding 1 .  So voice mail works but voice mail app will not open just flashes when you try to open it.  Online tech support told me to reinstall the app.  Where do I find it?  Not in Google play store. I tried to uninstall it and it cannot be uninstalled.  Is there a download site for visible apps?



I am guessing you have an android device if you are looking in Google play. Two ways to uninstall, hold your finger on the app then drag it to the top of the screen to the uninstall box or go to setting, apps, see all apps, scroll down to Visible and click on it then click uninstall.


It is in the Google play store, search for Visible Mobile.


Just not sure the app has anything to do with voice mail, that is tied in with your phone app, or at least on mine it is. You could try a forced stop on the phone app and see if it fixes it. Go to settings, apps, see all apps, scroll down and find the phone app and open it and click force stop. last thing is make sure you have the apps updated.

Thank you for your interest in my issue.  The voice mail app can not be uninstalled.  It is like the phone app and can only be forced stopped.  There are no Visible voice mail or phone apps, nor Verizon, apps in the play store.  They must come on the sim card.   I can find no way to force an update to the existing voice app.  Thankfully voice mail works through the phone app by using the phone key board and holding the "1" key down.  The Visible voice mail app worked fine until I received the new Visible sim card.  I now think Visible didn't update the visible voice mail app when they changed to the new plan.

My bad, it was late when I answered this and I was thinking they wanted you to uninstall the Visible app. I reread you post and that was my mistake about which app. 


You are correct that it can't be uninstalled since it is installed by the phone manufacturer. If you tried a forced stop then I guess I'm not sure what else to try.


I am planning on changing from the old plan early next week and if I run into this issue and find a solution I will post back here. Again I apologize for misreading your post. Customer service should also be more trained on this and should have known better that the phone app can't be uninstalled.


Nice of you to reply. At least I now know someone understands the issue. Visible tech support was no help as seems to be very common in the reviews. I am lucky that voice mail at least works, because I see many users having trouble getting it to even function. Maybe Visible will fix the issue and update the firmware.

Thanks again


Glad to at least try and help. At least it works.


Just another customer trying to help others in my free time which I have a lot of. I am not a fan of the customer support and lack of knowledge and training they have. I have had very minor issues since I joined in July of 2021.  Lately if I have question or looking for a solution with customer service I have been using Facebook messenger that way I don't have to wait inline on chat. Even after an hour or two if they need a response they seem to be on top of it on FB when they reply. If you need any help through customer service and have FB you can get a hold of them by scrolling down to the bottom righthand corner of this page and clicking the FB icon and then click on message tab on their page.