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Launching Today: Annual Plan

Hey Visible community! We want to continue to give our members more options to pay for their service how they’d like, which is why we are launching our new Annual Plan option. To learn more about our new Annual Plan, keep reading! Plan Prices & Detai...

Resolved! Lost my SIM card before activation

I just started with V's'ble but I lost my SIM card prior to using it. I popped the microSIM card out of the larger wallet-size card, laid it on my desk, and it got lost amid the piles of papers there and most likely was shredded. Who do I contact at ...

ddhatfi by Novice II
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mandatory phone upgrade questions

Hey all, Visible is telling me I need to upgrade my phone(s) by May 4th to continue service. Will my current phone(s) stop working? I have 3 in my household, none of which are 5g. The ones I want to purchase are also out of stock. Can I purchase from...

Trying to activate and port from ATT for 2 days

I have requested and been promised call backs (never happened). Escalated to higher support, provided former provided, account number, transfer pin, email and mailing address multiple times and the issue is still not resolved.I have yet to receive an...

Network Issue with eSim

I have a couple iPhones active with Visible. One is used with an eSim and one is used with a physical sim. The iPhone that uses an eSim seems to loose its network service everytime there is an iOS update. The signal bars are all grey’d out, but the o...

seeshai by Novice II
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Split Payment

When making a payment, is it possible to choose the amount you want to be charged or is there an option to use two payment methods?

seeshai by Novice II
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