What will be my bill if I upgrade and downgrade in the same billing period?


I'm a new Visible user and am currently on $30/month plan.


I was told that I'd pay a pro-rated amount if I switch anytime during the payment cycle, if I upgrade to the $45/month plan.


My question is: Say my billing period ends on the 30th of every month. If I switch to Visible+ ($45/month) on the 25th and switch back to Visible ($30/month) on the 26th itself, will I remain on the Visible plan ($30/month) for the next month?


Under my assumptions, my bill would be $30 + $7.5 (prorated bill for 5 days for the $45 plan) for the current month, and switch back to $30/month beyond that.


All this hassle to send one international SMS to activate a banking app ๐Ÿ˜“



Fingers crossed I got this right, as Iโ€™ve upgraded then down graded

When you upgrade, it will happen the same day and you will be charged a prorated increase for that billing period.

When you downgrade, you will retain Visible+ until the end of your current billing period, then moved to the $30 Visible plan.