No Signals AT ALL

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Just switched to Visible’s E-Sim $30 unlimited with my old physical SIM card’s number.

However I don’t have any signals now for the entire day and I can never get in touch with anybody from the customer service.  Very desperate since I cannot get any calls/data which I have paid for. 

Any ideas what’s going on? Is there some setting things that I have to do? I have tried restarting many times. 


My phone is IPhone 12 Pro. 


Novice II

Anybody here can help me? I thought the support chat is suppose to open for 24/7 but how come I have waited for 14 hours on my phone and it is still showing me waiting in line?

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In the 3 to 4 times I had to get on chat, last weekend was probably the longest at 45 minutes. Somehow you are not getting inline on the que. Is the blue status bar moving at all while waiting? Once the status bar fills then it goes to a count down from 50 in line. Without a signal I would assume you have a Wi-Fi connection for the phone. I know I have read there are problems with eSIM but not sure of iPhone's are affected by this. If your phone uses a physical SIM card you might want to go that route instead. You could also try messaging them on Twitter or Facebook but I can tell you it took 5 days last week to get someone to respond there.

Thanks for your reply. For the past 62 hours or so I still failed to talk with any customer service from Visible which is pretty amazing. I fixed my problem by removing my original physical SIM card,  I guess that even though I am still using the old number, but I have to remove the Sim in order for the new eSim to work

I know I had to switch my Visible sim from the old $40 plan to a new Visible som for the new $30 plan. Sounds like your phone got confused with an eSIM and a physical sim both available.