Where can I find my QR code


I can’t activate my phone and I can’t find my QR code. I use IMEI1, can I change to IMEI2?



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I am not an iPhone user but I read this issue a while back and saw a user mentioned the fix and thought he mentioned using IMEI 2 but my memory isn't the greatest. I think I read they need to email you the QR code. 


If you need help you might want to contact customer care. My experience is Facebook messenger was as fast as the chat box and you don't have to watch the countdown. Just check your page every hour. Make sure to give your full name and email address associated with your account when you message them. You can find the FB link in the lower righthand corner of this page.

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iPhone 12 user here and it is 06/15/23

I could not find the QR code either - but you do not need it.

I have a Verizon phone and Verizon number that I wanted ported over.

I got the app installed.

I got signed up for service using the eSim path.

All good up to here.


Then I tried porting my number over and could not call out.

The reason in my mind is - the iPhone is set to use the Verizon number still and the new eSim doesn't have the new number.

Then I deleted the eSim that Visible had added.

An hour later and I had not figured it out I read some of these forum messages and here is what I did that worked for me.


Steps to get it working:

1 of 4. On the phone in settings>General - at the bottom "transfer or reset iPhone">Reset>Reset all Network Settings was what I chose. 


2 of 4.Uninstalled and reinstalled the visible  app


3 of 4. In the Visible App>Account>devices>switch now>My current phone (it says switch to eSim or ***REDOWNLOAD eSim on your current device****)


4 of 4.When you go through the menu and it says it will send you a code via SMS don't freak out like I did because it could not possibly work because the phone is not working - go to the email address you gave Visible - the code will be there.


Now you should be able to point eveything to the "new" secondary carrier and it "should" work.


Happy trails!