Wifi calling not working on pixel 6

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Have wifi calling turned on but when cell signal goes OOS the wifi calling doesn't work. Any ideas?



I don't.


Visible has three ways to contact support: chat, Twitter, and Facebook.


I have had the best luck with Twitter:




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Wi-Fi calling not working properly is one of the documented issues with the Pixel 6.  I've had the best luck with it by selecting the Roaming Preference = "Wi-Fi" under the wifi calling settings.  That will default to Wi-Fi calling when the mobile network is not available. To test it, turn on airplane mode (which will turn off your cell phone connection and Wi-Fi).  Then turn on just your Wi-Fi and try to make a call.  It should connect if Wi-Fi calling is working.  You can then turn off Airplane mode so you can get calls when you don't have Wi-Fi.  Hopefully, Google fixes this to work properly in a future update.