Xfinity mobile


I have trouble porting from Xfinity. Any help?



Your old SIM from Xfinity still works?

If it still works contact Xfinity and tell them to release your phone number


In June I got Sprint to release a device I bought on eBay that I never used with Sprint.  There was a customer service number online for Sprint that I called, and they released the device IMEI so I could activate with a new Visible account.  Good luck.

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I also had an issue porting from Xfinity as well. I was trying to port using the Visible app (using iPhone) but whenever I clicked 'Confirm' to continue I kept receiving an error saying "Select Carrier". Oddly enough, I wasn't getting this error when I clicked on a different carrier other than Xfinity.


Solution: I had to contact Visible support and have an agent conduct the port for me. Just needed to provide the agent with my information through the support chat and it was completed after a few hours. 

You didn't have to come take the customer care, you could put them that you have us mobile and the port will go through it does not make a difference or you could do 'other' that also helps