bought a samsung flip 5 from samsung


bought a samsung flip 5 from samsung which is unlocked and trying to get a new service and know is it available for all mobile services is visible going to update the compatibility for Samsung flip 5? or is the phone wrong?


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Exact situation here trying fruitlessly to switch to Visible with a Galaxy Fold 5. I'm reading reports on Reddit that just inserting a physical Visible SIM works for the Fold 5, but support is telling me the opposite, and I don't know if it's too risky to sign up with my Fold 3's IMEI and cross my fingers that the SIM will work.

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Visible's IMEI database isn't up to date -  your phone may never show as compatible but just for grins try:

It may work, it may not but no harm no foul. If not, there's lots of discussions here and on the Visible subreddit how to get around it and get a physical SIM shipped using an alternate IMEI.

Visible really needs to address this compatibility checker.

Alternatively, just try the base plan for a month without committing.

Go over to the Savings Spot forum here, pick up a referral link (mine's there or use any one) and you can simply try it for the 1st month for $5 bucks (base plan) -

That's the most active forum here

Just use a throw away email address, get a new phone number and try for 30 days before porting if needed with your actual email address and another referral link.If it doesn't work out cancel before the next billing date - you're only out $5 and can exercise it thoroughly for a month to decide if it meets your needs. Can't even get a foot long for that anymore.

If it works just signup using your normal email address, go through the porting process if needed and use another referral link.