e SIM card


I have been trying since 2:30 am to have my e sim card re-downloaded back to my phone. Visible told me to remove it and they would re download it. I have been in 5-6 chats, exchanged several emails and texts to no avail. I asked for my account and a pin number to port my phone. All of a sudden, no live agent is available. I asked to file a complaint and speak to a supervisor. I received no response. I have been on facebook, messenger and chat, trying to get this resolved. I am a disabled, ill senior citizen who lives alone. I desperately need my phone in working order. Does anyone have any solutions for me? I am getting the run around. First, i was told 3-5 business days, then 1 hour, now it will take 4 hours to resolve this. I waited 1 hour and it was not resolved. I would greatly appreciate any help that is given to me. Thank you



Did you get this resolved?

I’m in the same boat waiting for higher level of support to reinstall my esim. Did Visible resolve your issue or did you need to go to another carrier to get cellular service?