iPhone Visible App Clear Previous Information

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Hello. I want to switch to Visible and started the process on the iPhone app. I originally said I wanted a physical sim and then realized that the app says "your billing address will be the same as your shipping address". Well billing address is my PO Box and the app says cannot ship to PO Box. So I say to myself ok I will just do the esim (no shipping needed and just having billing to PO box. However, every time I start the Visible app it says let's start where you left off and I cannot go back and change everything.


I have deleted the app and reinstalled but it does the same thing. It picks up where I left off. How do I clear everything Visible has about my addresses, etc?


Thank you



Have you tried going to Settings - General - iPhone Storage - Visible


Then Offload App, then Delete App

Thank you. I tried that but it did not help after multiple hours on chat with Visible. Staying with Verizon for now.


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You might want to try an alternative email address and start anew. If you got to the point where you provide an email address they're likely remembering where you were based on that email address. For whatever reason, Visible never wants to forget your email address and everything account related is tied to the email address.

They still remember my email address used to signup over 1-1/2 years ago despite that line being canceled. As a result I've established an outlook account which allows me to establish uniquely named email aliases which I used for multiple lines). The email account and it's aliases are then all auto-forwarded to my primary email address (the one Visible won't or can't forget). It was easier than banging my head against the wall trying to get it cleared via chat.

There are other ways to establish email aliases (e.g. the dots trick in Gmail, Firefox relay, etc).

Thank you. Like the previous suggestion I tried this also but it did not help after multiple hours on chat with Visible. Staying with Verizon for now.