new order no options to select transfer from old carrier


Hi, I'm trying to place an order and not seeing the option to keep my old number, Visible just giving me option to get a new number based on my zip code, is it possible to transfer my old number after placing order as I couldn't hold off anyone from chat for last 72hrs attempts! ty!



You can get a Visible issued number then port in your number at a later date. I test drove Visible for about 2 weeks before porting in.


I had this issue as well. I went ahead and ordered the phone anyway, and when it came time to activate it, it still did not give me the option to transfer my number. Their support team is slammed right now and the wait time is pretty long, but after a couple of hours I got connected, and they were able to port my number over very quickly.


You will need to activate the phone first using the "temporary" number that comes with the new line, and then they can swap it to the new number.

How did you contact them to port in your old number?