required network update not setting up


I tried to complete the required network upgrade for my plan. Got through the steps to the page that says "We're setting up your service and downloading your eSIM" but it has been stuck like that for at least 15 minutes without any sign of progress in the loading bar. Please help!



@kit-tyler - Were you connected to WiFi at the time you were trying to download the eSIM?  If not, could you please try that and see if it helps?

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Yea, Verizon/Visible needs to come clean about these "network" upgrades not working as planned.   Mine was not working, after an hour it was stuck on that same screen.


This is what worked for me.  


Force closed the app, closed all other apps, went to the actual Settings > Cellular >  and my phone miraculously said something along the lines, Provider/Wireless settings have been updated.  I logged back into the Visible app and it was still at that stuck screen "  We're setting up your service and downloading your eSIM".   I closed out of the app, made sure my wifi signal was good, phone charged, then logged into my laptop.


Scrolled down from the "Account Overview" screen and it gave the option to scan a QR code instead.


I scanned the QR code, and followed the steps that way, and it worked.    


The steps actually tell you to go to Settings/Cellular/Add Cellular then scan the QR code, but I just pointed my camera at the QR code, and tapped my screen and followed the steps, and it activated within 5 mins.  Took another 5 minutes for the website to register that it was updated.


Again, not sure if those steps will work for you or anybody else, but they worked for me, and Visible should just tell people to use a second device to log into your online account, then give you the QR code or just email the darn code something.


Good luck to you.