trade in help


I got an email that said I needed to turn off find my phone in order to complete my trade in. What are they talking about?


Intermediate III

It's a feature used to find lost or stolen phones. In many/most cases, it needs to be turned off in order to do a factory reset before the phone can be traded or sold to another party.

How to do it depends on what phone you have.

Supply some added information and someone having that particular phone might be able to help.

Ok, I understand that, but I turned it off and reset my phone before sending it in. Now they have my phone. What are they asking me to do? I do not have the phone anymore.

Contact them.

They don't give you a way to contact them.  I guess that is their easy way  to keep your phone without having to pay anything for it or return it to you.  Very frustrating!

To contact Visible use chat(type agent to get a real person) or one of their social media platforms and DM them, They are on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.