wifi calling stopped working

Novice III

my wifi calling stopped working for myself and my son this morning - was talking to my daughter and phone cut out - she messaged me it was going right to voicemail - I first rebooted the phone and then I tried turning airplane mode off and back on, nothing - I also cant send a text now - chat is useless since there is never an agent available 

id add that Im getting an error that reads: Turn off airplane mode or connect to a wireless network to make a call

and if I turn off airplane mode it says: Mobile network is not available connect to a wireless network to make a call

I can search the internet so I know my wifi works - I generally keep the phone on airplane mode at home because the phone will try and answer or make calls on mobile even though the mobile here can rarely complete them


Novice III

also usually I see a the words visible wifi scrolling in the top left of my notifications screen and that is not there - maybe there is an outage

in any case this is frustrating to not be able to get support for this issue 

I had the same problem today. Try taking out the sim card, turning your phone off and on again, then put the sim back in while your phone is on. It worked for my phone and my moms.

im pretty sure you are supposed to turn your phone on after you re-insert the sim card

in any case there is a huge outage 

Novice III



Have you tried resetting network settings?



sorry for the late reply - it was a known outage in my region


Good luck with this one as Visible is ZERO help. They act like they don't even know what I am talking about when I finally "chat" with someone. I'll be leaving Visible soon as this is the sole reason. Best of luck.