wifi calling/texting issues


Posting here because live chat wasted over 3 hours of my time with no resolution.


Belive me, I've searched, and this is not your typical issue. 


I'll try to keep this short. . .

Ported my number over last week and Visible never connected to wifi calling. Using dual sim, and Visible(eSim) won't connect to wifi calling. Current physical sim connects to wifi calling, and so did other eSims(T-mobile, Mint, ATT).


Support had me erase, and download 3 new eSims, still doesn't work. For some reason, under the wifi calling toggle for Visible it says "Roaming preference", when it should say " Calling preference" like ALL other carriers. All the other carriers wifi calling works on my phone!


The problem is on Visible's end, but they don't understand that for some reason. 


Hoping someone in the community can help, otherwise my service here with Visible will be short lived!


Thanks in advance.