zero service for two days, very unhappy and can't get help!!!


I have zero text or phone ability after you took my $30 immediately and have spent over 10 hours in lines for chat that timeout and then disappear after I'm finally speaking to someone.  I don't understand all your good reviews and pulling my hair out!!


my number was successfully ported over and now my Verizon account is CLOSED!


 I have an updated system on my phone, have had the electronic SIM card sent twice, and turned my phone on and off at least 20 times,  can't get a live person on a phone number that you don't provide.  I need help NOW please. and not just through this. Worst mobile phone experience of my entire life


my email is *****




Could you port

 out your number?


Oh wow ๐Ÿ˜ฑ, so sorry to hear this. I hope this isn't something to look forward to.

Usually Customer Service is on top of things. I sure hope you get this resolved very soon.


Horrible customer service.  I guess you get what you pay for.  I have two phones that have no service and their customer support did nothing.  You can't even get on chat, they bump you off.

If they can't get it fixed I will recommend you to switch the US Mobile if you make a family plan with us mobile it comes out  $35 a month with premium data and you also get Hotspot with no speed cap and you also get perks like free Spotify or.... They also give you free international roaming data in like over 100 countries

And if you don't need the hotspot and you don't use more than 30 gig per month and you don't need the international data it will come out $24, but the perks you still get