Party of Two seeking Two+ more members



Hello All,


We're a reliable party of two, looking for two more compatriots to join and push all of our monthly price down. No strings attached, just make your monthly payments ๐Ÿ™‚


You are certainly free to build your own group, but we'd like to invite you to join our stable 45 member party and pay $25/mo now.

Either way, stay safe!

You don't have to stay in the Party you created.  You can leave the Party you started and join our party to get to the $25 savings.  Here you go.

Absolutely, you are free to create and seek members for your own Party.  I can celebrate your own freedom, but any negativity in comments from members of the community is unnecessary.


Hi. Why wait? Join our already established party and get the $25 rate right away. Fast and easy!



We're at 3 now--if you're open to being #4, join now!

Good for you and best wishes.


My wife Connie and I joined this week separately and are definitely interested in merging into a party pay, but can't seem to find a button to create our own group, so we're open to merging with someone. Wondering if it should be with a larger group in case anyone drops off?