Please help establish the new party "Walton's Mountain"!

Novice II

Never mind guys. As was pointed out to me, it's hard to establish a new party.
If you had a core group of four or more, it might be a viable option without concern of losing pricing incentives.  Thanks anyhow, but I'm going to join another party rather than pursue this one, for the time being!


Are you fond of old family values, the open road, or would just like to help establish this new Visible party?

Please consider joining us on "Walton's Mountain" (

Everybody's welcome, and we need you more than the big parties do. Thanks!



Intermediate III

Hello OpenRoadster...Best wishes for your party but if it doesn't work out we welcome you to join us and secure your $25 every month immediately. There's no advantage at all of starting a party. Have a great weekend


Thanks for the party invite! If the new party isn't sustainable, by the time my payment date approaches, I will rejoin a more established party! Take care!

Novice III

Get connected with the best buy on these boards! Crusher312! I'm telling you'll be joining Ollanketo and you won't be disappointed! Go for it!

Thank you for the suggestion, but I've already joined another party! Take care!