Unable to join the (name of) party at this time, try again later.

Novice II

No matter what party I try to join, I keep getting an error on the website that says "Unable to join the (name of) party at this time, try again later."  And on the app, when I hit the request button, the error will say "Account exists in the group membership."  This is so frustrating.  An example of the group I would like to join is https://www.visible.com/p/YMCA



I'm having the same problem.  Seems like Visible doesn't want us to only pay $25.  This Sucks !!!!!

Has your issue been fixed? I have had no issue with people joining our party.

Intermediate III


Thank you for choosing our party! I checked  few minutes ago and everything was working fine. I think it was web glitch or website update, it might be the reason for error message. Could you check on your end if you are already approved?

Not yet approved because I'm unable to join or request to join in the first place because of the errors.

I'm trying to help a family member join a Party Pay group before their renewal comes up in 9 days.  Unfortunately the issue of being presented with "Unable to join the (name of) party at this time, try again later"  is still unresolved.  Have any of you received an update on a resolution?

They finally fixed my issue.  Contact them on their facebook page.  Take screenshots of your errors and send it to them.