Is Visible only for Grandpa?

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So I've given Visible a couple of chances already, maybe 3, but it seems that after a while I seem to forget how incredibly slow their data speeds are and go another time. With speeds frequently going below 1 Mbps I am starting to wonder who are Visible's happy and loyal customers? Maybe Grandpas who use a flip phone and don't need any data?



Ha ha, now that’s funny.
I had Verizon, then recently moved to Visible about 3 months ago. Just retired too, so my iPhone is mostly on our home WiFi with WiFi calling enabled.

If I was still working, especially out in the field, I think I would continue to pay the Verizon premium. 

Nice good for you!

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It is fascinated that we as consumers see an incredible price and still think that the service can meet "all" our needs.  All day everyday most of us have to compromise, why should a cell phone plan be any different?  It's like buying McDonald's and expecting Ruth Chris quality...?..... 😄


For most Visible customers I think they understand and are satisfied with the overall experience at the  LOW price.


Good Luck too you!

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Additional information needed?

When I read online reviews about cheap providers like Visible, the reviews are not accurate. They never mention that their data is that slow. You just hear it's a great service, powered by Verizon at an amazing price. So glad I didn't try to transfer my number.

That's interesting, I have read a TON of reviews and most seem to say that while Visible uses the Verizon network your data speeds will be slower but... talk/text are identical.  From my experience with Visible if you live/work in a congested area you will definitely get MUCH slower speeds then a Full $ Verizon customer.  


Does that help?




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Additional information needed?

I realized at this point is that $45 a month is the absolute minimum for a cell phone service that provides enough and reliable data, at least at this point in time. I shouldn't be trying cheap services again and expect too much.

Like the old sayings (folksy wisdom)  ...."you get what you pay for."  Or "no such thing as a free lunch." 



Good luck!

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Additional information needed?

Thats true. You cant expect the same quality of service for the amount you pay. In my opinion for the money you pay Visible is worth the service.

Are you talking about Visible or the competitors of Visible?

I concur with @Moxie comment.


Hi @techdude0101, I have good reception at home, but bad reception at my office. So internet speeds are awesome and meh at office. But I have wifi at both locations. And on drive for using maps, streaming music. It has worked okay so far. (Technically it should 🙂)


I suggest you to do speed tests at different times of day, different locations where ever you usually go (Home, office, grocery, gym, etc.). You get the idea correct. And decide for yourself if paying $25 for the plan is worth it or not.

Ok it's a different scenario other than grandpas but same concept. Good data speeds with Visible is a luxury that could happen sporadically, but you can't depend on it happening, and so you have to be someone who doesn't rely on data or need it urgently. Yes Wifi works most of the time but there are  situations where cellular data us needed urgently like your car broke and you need to use the AAA app, or Uber, or trying to retrieve your boarding pass or a ticket at a busy game. I am not willing to put my wife in a stressful or risky situation like these.