Windows texting


Hello, my soon-2-be-former cell company, republic-wireless, had a cool app that allowed me to send/retrieve text messages on windows-desktop.


Is this pretty common?   Do all cell providers have something like this?


I don't mean text-to-email, although that can be handy as well.  This is a standalone windows app just for text messaging.


Thank you.



No, this feature is not common. This may be a feature or web application developed by that service provider. Text/ SMS is handled by the network operator. So they can read all the data (SMS sent by you, received by you).


Contrary to iMessage in iPhone, which is end-to-end encrypted and doesn't go through service provider.

I personally dont use plain texts/ SMS for sending personal information. I use other apps available in app store which is end-to-end encrypted. I prefer Signal.


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thank you.  i am totally unfamiliar with how texting works, and it would appear i have a bit to learn.

RW now offers that does what i want, but i am surprised this is not a more common option/feature.   often times i am attached to my desktop/laptop for hours at a time, and its pretty handy to read/reply to text messages that way.  perhaps a security issue there??
RW may get a reprieve, for now anyway.   or maybe look at google-fi.....