Is this a real company?


There is no clear way to sign up on the app for the free trial. It was set up on a computer and I was not able to log into the app to finish setting up. This is pretty simple stuff. 


After 10 minutes of wasting time on the website trying to find answers, I tried the chat. They had no idea how to answer these simple questions. I sat on hold forever and then gave up. What is this site? Is this a scam? 


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Not a scam. I have been a customer since July of 2021. Was on the older $40 a month plan($25 with party pay discount) and just switched today to the $30 plan(still $25 for us past customers).


The free trial is for use with an iPhone with eSIM capability to participate. 


Customer service is not the best and chat, Twitter message, or Facebook messenger are the only ways to get a hold of them. 


Chat will take time but you need to ask to chat with a live agent otherwise you are just chatting with a robot. Last time I used it last October I waited in line for 45 minutes before my turn come up. I would suggest Facebook messenger, you can find the link in the bottom righthand corner of this page and click the box with the f in it, once at their FB page click message and click is anyone available to chat. I had a response within a few minutes today for a question I had.


Their support can sometimes be taxing, via chat. I recommend contacting them via Twitter or Facebook Messenger. This is a real company owned and operated by Verizon. Unfortunately though, everything is done via the app, except you can view account info, download eSIM, or contact support via website.


its a scam!  They only verify you thru your email.  If your email gets hacked then they will never be able to verify its you if you use chat.  If you do get visible dont use your phone number for any accounts you have the offers 2 step verification.  

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This is most definitely a real company and great service as well!