My experience w/visible, referral link, how I did party pay when I didn’t know anyone to party with

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I had T mobile. I paid more and seemed to always have problems with data but I switched to visible a couple months ago and I haven’t had any problems. The process of switching happened all in one day including porting out my number from T mobile. My phone was eligible for an E SIM so i got it right away in my email and didn’t have to wait for them to mail me a SIM card. My daughters phone did not qualify for an E SIM so i had to place an order for a free SIM card but they over night it for free. It was awesome!


Nothing is fishy about it. I’m just bummed I didn’t know about visible sooner. As far as I know $25.00 for unlimited service is the cheapest that I have found. You get service for $25.00 a month if you either join visible with 4 people (4 or more people is considered a party which gets you a discounted rate) or find a party on their website/app. If you don’t know 4 people to party pay with they have already existing parties on their website/app that you can join so you only pay $25.00 a month for unlimited. Thats what I had to do. I joined a party called Purple rain and it has thousands of members. Everything is anonymous and everyone’s bill is separate and everyone is responsible for their own bill. No one knows anything about each other.  It also is really good service. Visible is a subsidiary  company of Verizon so they use the exact same cell phone towers as verizon does. Its like owned by verizon but verizon gave it a generic name.


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And i forgot…..THERE’S 24 HOUR LIVE CHAT!!!!!! I love that part!

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So you're just sharing a phone bill without any catches - right?  And if there's enough people, your bill shouldn't go up when someone leaves.