Visible playing games with port out number


I have had several lines on Visible that I have tried to port out.  Each of them have had the same issue. I go into my account and try to port out the number.  It says it is sending the port out number to my SMS and email.

I do not receive any of these. I called tech-support many times and they have checked to see that the number and email is correct. Their tech-support is terrible, and based in the Philippines, none of the tech-support people have any authorization to do anything for basic things.

my son also had a number in visible. It took him calling Verizon’s tech-support and asking for a supervisor to get the port out key. Visible is doing everything in their power to stop you from porting out the number from their service. If you try, you will end up spending hours and hours.  I recommend not using the cell phone service.




You called them?  What is their support number?