Hi from the UK - general questions please.

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I'm from the UK and we will be visiting the north-west states for 7 weeks later this year. I will need a data connection to get around, and possibly to watch some TV - but that is optional.


It's difficult at this distance to sort things out, and cell phone schemes in the states work differently to Europe so I have a couple of questions.


I like the sound of Visible's unlimited data but I can't see where I would go (in Seattle where we start) to get signed up. Do they have showrooms or is it all on-line?


Any hints, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated.



It’s all on line.

Will your phone work with an eSIM and is it compatible with Visible?


if not you are going to need a physical address in the US to have a SIM card sent. Maybe you are visiting friends. Your phone also needs to be compatible with the Visible network.

You can test that with your phone IMEI number here



Welcome to the US. Hope you have a great trip

This is very well written!

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Thanks GreenSub,


For reasons I don't understand my up-to-date European Samsung phone won't work with Visible, which means another phone. However they have one for $50 which will do, so two months is going to cost me $50 + 2x$40 = $130. Expensive but doable, but I can use my phone with T-Mobile for less so


a) how would I go about getting a Visible phone once I get to Seattle (I'm there 3 days)


b) would I be better of with T-Mobile?


To the best of my knowledge the phone would have to be shipped to a US address.

Is your current phone unlocked and able to use eSIMS?

I’ve looked in to the opposite of your visit with us being out of the US and needing cell service. Airalo, Truphone, Ubigi look like good options for us. Might work for you too.

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To the best of my knowledge the phone would have to be shipped to a US address.

That might make things difficlut. We will be in a hotel in Seattle for 3 days, but the timing would obviously be tight.


Is your current phone unlocked and able to use eSIMS?

It's defintely unlocked, but eSIM is something new to me (I'm in my late 70s) - I would need to check later today.


Airalo, Truphone, Ubigi look like good options for us.

Truphone looks a bit complicated (as in - I didn't understand a word on their web site 🤣), ditto Ubigi, but Airalo defintely looks possible - I will need to investigate the eSIM options.

Having said that - I would like a lot of data and their best offering is $26 for 10Gb - T-Mobile (Magenta MAX 55+) offers 40Gb for $65. I'm still torn - and you've added a third option. 🤣


Just checked and we don't do eSIMs over here so my phone won't work with one - which rules out a number of options.


How about stopping by a Walmart after arriving and buying a cheap Tracfone / SIM and data plan for your visit?


Thanks again - I'm grateful for all the hard work. 😊

That looks a possible solution but their biggest data is 8Gb for $40 although it has multiple advantages.

1. If I run out of data, I can just buy another card.

2. All the data is "hotspot"able.

3. I don't have to worry about cancelling any regular payment scheme

However, it doesn't compare with T-Mobile at $65 for 40Gb, but I will certainly consider that as a promising option. Thanks.

Bearing in mind that we will be in the wilds of Montana / Wyoming for a good bit of our vacation, do you know who their carrier is?

Montana / Wyoming, that’s an item you need to be aware of, especially with a carrier like Visible.

It’s my understanding that major carriers like Verizon, ATT, and TMobile have agreements with small carriers in remote areas. So the user sees seemless coverage.

But sub carriers, like Visible, don’t have these agreements with these small rural carriers. Something to look in to.

"but sub carriers, like Visible, don’t have these agreements"

The final nail in the coffin for Visible then.

So I'm down to Walmart or T-Mobile. I'll just have to ponder on that, but you've clarified a lot for me, so thanks for all your help - it's been really useful. 😊