$35 for the new Visible + Plan and Q's About Its Hotspot Speed


Today, I received an email from Visible, telling me that if I wanted to upgrade to the new Plus(+) plan, which usually costs $45 per month, I could get a $10 discount and pay only $35 a month for as long as I stay with Visible.


Problem is I chose the + plan, when I switched from the legacy plan to the new plans.  After a couple months of use, I found the internet on the tethered laptop was capped at about 2mbps.  It was not faster than the entry level plan.  I found that out when I downgraded to that plan.


A fast internet on the phone does not interest me that much, as I do most of my internet research/browsing on my laptop.  Now, of course, if Visible, for some magical reason, has improved the hotspot speed on the + plan in the recent months, I would not mind paying $10 extra a month and upgrading to the Plus plan.


So: has anyone recently noticed the improved hotspot speed on the Plus (+) plan vis-a-vis the entry level plan?


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I think I read some streaming services such as Netflix is limited to 2Mbps and not sure if that is on hotspot, I have not been with Netflix for a few years and before I had a cell phone with Visible so not sure if that is true, again just what I have read. Even the plus plan is still limited to 5Mbps. If you are getting deprioritized bad because of congestion on the towers around you the plus plan may help that but will not do anything for the hotspot though. Your phone needs to get around 8Mbps or more to run hotspot at max, not sure why but the phone uses some of that speed so hotspot doesn't get it all.


One other thing I am going to point out. I got that same email today and I think it is misleading. The disclosure says for new members or existing member on the Unlimited plan which is the old plan. I don't think a person on the new plans qualify for the discount.

I don't do Netflix or any kind of streaming.  I do download a lot of books on line.  A faster internet connection on the lappy would def help.  If the hotspot speed on the Plus(+) plan is the same as the entry level, I would certainly stay with the latter, which is what I actually have at the moment.  Visible gave me $5 discount per moth for being a valuable customer, so I only pay $25 per month for the same perks as the unlimited legacy plan.  Absolutely happy camper here!


Regarding the wording in the email, I took another look.  You are right.  It indeed says for new or existing members upgrading from the Unlimited legacy plan.  I wonder how I got that email?


Thx for chiming in!

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I wondered why I got it also.


On the basic plan my self and had upgraded from the old unlimited plan back in February. I started with Visible in July 2021. I had horrible speeds and hotspot was even worse because to the loss of speed the phone took. When they upgraded to the new system for some reason the old system and the old Unlimited plan my speeds went from less then 5Mbps, actually most daytime speeds sometimes less than 1Mbps a lot of the time, on my phone to mid 20's. When I upgraded I am now seeing mid 30's and sometimes over 40Mbps. 

Location matters. I am somewhere in Southern Cali.  Even with the legacy unlimited plan, the speed on my phone(iPhone 7 Plus) and the tethered iPad and MacBook Air was fine.  I could browse the internet and even watch some YouTube videos without any issues.


With the new Plus plan, the speed on the phone(iPhone 14 Pro Max) was fast.  I could get anywhere between 100 to 900 mbps, depending on location.  But the hotspot speed on the laptop was slow--2 to 5 mbps, IIRC.  It was NOT an improvement over the legacy unlimited plan, if at all.  Since I do most of my research and browsing on my laptop, a very fast phone does not make sense to me, so I downgraded to the basic plan, saved money, and still got the same hotspot speed.


I am very happy with the service Visible has provided.  $25 for unlimited everything is the best deal I've ever had!

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There is something wrong if you have speeds like that and only getting 2Mbps on hotspot. Before they changed over to the new system my daytime speeds were less than 5Mbps on my phone during the day. Then when they changed over to the new system I don't know what happened on the old system but i jumped to mid 20Mbps all the time not just real late after everyone goes to bed. Then when I upgraded 3 months ago my speeds jumped to mid 30's and into the 40Mbps range, plenty fast on the phone and at least my hotspot is at max. I do everything on my laptop for the larger screen. If pull up the speed test on Google and my laptop starts out at over 12Mbps but then levels off just over 5Mbps. With the speeds you are getting you should see the full 5Mbps on your laptop.