Average speeds on Visible at 4G LTE in the East Coast


Average speeds the past two months. 


The latency is improving and speeds are fairly consistent. 


Intermediate III

Pretty good!!  At home I consistently get around 100 - 150 down even out and about in the area! Great! Now that the pandemic is loosening, around work, it's much slower but still usable. 1 - 3 down. Around my wife's work however, nothing. 


Still great for everywhere else and at least at work I have WiFi!

Intermediate III

It depends on location. Sometimes I get 160Mbps and sometimes 40Mbps.

Novice II

Since switching from Verizon to Visible my best LTE speed has been 3.5.  Compare that to speeds between 10 and 25 when on Verizon.  I realize I am not in an area with lots of towers, but the speed drop and dead zones seem worse on Visible.  The area I am in is between Savannah, Ga and Charleston, SC.  Was in downtown Charleston last week and could not get google maps.  Phone signal showed all bars and LTE was displayed but nothing.  Dead zone.  Also encountered lots of dead zones, no LTE while driving I95 down to Florida. Not sure if I can stay on Visible if I can’t rely on service.

Must have been a glitch I drove from Orlando to Buffalo no issues with dead areas at all.


Speeds have nearly doubled in the last two weeks. I imagine kinks are being ironed out on the Cloud platform. 🙂