CAUTION on getting a phone with the prepaid MasterCard deal

Novice III

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I got screwed over when I ordered a OnePlus 8 while signing up for visible.

The phone had a special offer on it to get a $200 prepaid MasterCard after I paid for the 2nd month of service. 

FINE PRINT> when you transfer your number and buy the phone.

I didn't need a new number so I didn't think anything of it and didn't have a number to transfer.

Now visible wont honor the deal and are screwing me over on a 'gotcha' imho


Seems really <poopy> in my opinion.

Read that fine print.


so far the phone seems fine

the Oxygen 11 update does feel snappier 



Novice II

I bought Samsung S21 and ported my number and Visible screwed and they won't honor their $200 samsung gift card deal.  Visible says that my previous wireless is not in the list of eligible wireless carriers.  What a scam!!

Novice III

Yes we bought an iPhone 12 and didn’t transfer our old lines and bc if this visible didn’t honor their promotion of the $200 virtual gift card and fast charging device. I’m disappointed about that.