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Visible+ Promotion (4/18) for those who switched early

The recent promotions ($25/$35) to switch to the new network was only for existing customers who had not switched. That left a bad taste for many who bit the bullet.Today, I received an email from visible offering the upgrade to Visible+ for the same...

Resolved! $50 dollar gift card + anker earbuds

So back January when they had the promotions for those who wanted to buy a new phone. the galaxy A03 was supposed get a $50 gift card + anker ear buds after 3 service payments. Now they are telling me I was supposed to port-in a number from another c...

Loyalty Discount

Well, well. They’ve done it. They have finally respected us loyal legacy Party Pay customers. Check your account today 2/2/23. You’ll see that if you switch to the new $30 Visible plan from the $40/$25PP plan you’ll now get $5 off your monthly bill, ...

Changes coming to referral program

I got this in my email. Starting May 25th, we will be rolling out a new referral incentive - “Give $20 off, get $20 off”. Now both you and your friend will get $20 off a month of service when they use your Friend code to sign up for Visible.What does...

Visible's Service

My wife and I recently drove out to Arizona from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I can't tell you how impressed we were with Visible's Service. We had a couple spots in Oklahoma where the service went in and out a few times, but all in all it was T...

Resolved! An imperfection in Rebate program

As a company visible tends to be open, up front, honest, and fair. Between unlimited 5 meg hotspot, $25 a month if you find three friends willing to join in, not selling what you don't need, and listening to the point of sending it up to network maps...

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final thoughts on visible

Okay I'm hoping that someone at corporate will read it and actually implament and fix all issues. What is good? 1 price the ability to get your bill for $5 a month is awesome. Unlimited hot spot and unlimited data when it works is awesome. An awesome...