Crap slow downs!!! No help !!


I am getting absolute crap slow down speeds in Los Angeles area even down to zero data access.  This started happening when they changed the pay plans.  I complained and spent hours in chat with multiple visible support. They even change support people in the same chat window. I talked to 5 visible support persons in the same chat session.  I did that the next day too. They could not help.  Hours of frustration being asked the same questions.  They said they will have someone call from the next level support.  I have waited almost 3 days and no call from the next level.  They do not even document accurately on their side.


 I had no problems for over a year and now after the new plans I have experienced just crap slow downs where I have had to wait 20 minutes to use an app where before I could use it in 1 minute.  What will happen if I have to call 911 and I am throttled down to zero data?


Visible has throttled the old pay plans down to nothing after the new $30 pay plan was created.


Please complain to BBB and the FCC .  Visible was a good thing but now is total crap.  Afraid to even refer anyone to Visible now. 


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I have the SAME problem happening to me! My other phone a 13 pro wasn't compatible (even though it was unlocked) for the new network so after hours and multiple attempts and escalations with customer service I gave up and figured I'd by a new one. I was just sent the iPhone 14 pro which I bought from visible and I'm having the same lousy connection issues and no one has been able to help me change my plan since it's stuck in one of the old ones. I got an email after over 10 hours of trying to connect/chatting/ having chats dropped multiple times with customer service from the escalation team saying the issue was fixed but it wasn't, but they closed the ticket anyway. Strongly considering switching at this point. Super disappointing... I'll let you know if they figure it out on my end.

I am now being told my in chat

" slow data issue is caused by the premium data allowance being exceeded. This will reset automatically once you start a new billing cycle on the 12th of next month."

I need to know where this "premium data allowance being exceeded" .

When I signed up almost 2 years ago there was nothing in documentation about this. Only that slow downs can occur when in a heavy use area. I am getting at times less than 1 mbps and this morning at home getting zero data when checking my data speed with the app "Speedtest".


I have never had such slow modem like speeds ever until after they added the new pay plans. 

Look at the following link where a Visible person says the old pay plan customers will continue to be allowed to pay $25.  I am getting nothing from chat to help my data slow down other than telling me to change to the new $30 pay plan.  Visible is not honest with it's customers.

After Visible launched two new unlimited data plans in August 2022, there's been uncertainty for legacy customers on Party Pay plans. Visible Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Bolton cleared things up for me in this clip from our interview. Watch the entire interview here: ...