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Visible has the best customer service. Every interaction I have had with an agent has been easy and helpful.  I switched to Visible because of bad customer service I experienced repeatedly with my former provider. Visible needs to hold seminars on customer service; I think they are top notch.  Lastly, I want to thank agent Radu for the wonderful help today. 


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And I would say the exact opposite. I’ve been with Visible for 2 years, love the service, but have had too many negative experiences with the representatives and I’m going to be going elsewhere soon.

Visible is not for all.  If you don't have patience and a little tech knowledge Visible might not be for you.  I have to agree with the original poster.  Visible customer service has improved.  It was bad before but now anytime I have an issue it is resolved the first time and I've had very little wait time.

I’ve been with Visible over 2 years now and it has never been smooth for me.  I got a phone that could not be activated (even by visible reps) returned that with their prepaid label, confirmed with Visible that the phone was received, and waited for their internal process to conclude and finally received verification my affirm loan was cancelled by Visible.  Ordered new phone, got it, no problems.  Fast forward to the new plans.  “Everyone” was given the option to choose either plan, but I didn’t even get the box saying I could switch.  Contacted support who asked me to verify I’m using the latest iOS (which I was) then told to delete the app and reinstalla few dozen times, and I was also told, many times that it was “a known problem” with some phones. It wasn’t. Finally someone was willing to check into it for me…..apparently the person who coded the returned phone 18 months earlier coded it as being reported lost or stolen. I practically had to beg for the new sim so I could update.  Next my phone was paid for and I went to upgrade, affirm approved loan, but Visible cancelled it.  A rep told me to try again, which I did, same result.  I was told to send a screenshot through social media (which I did) they told me my address is blacklisted but couldn’t tell me why.  Back to chat, several times, where I was finally told that because of the lost or stolen phone they will not, EVER, send a phone to my address. They did tell me if I would ship it somewhere else they would send it there.  I’m not going to put anyone else in that position—what if it was stolen from them.  

so, you see, there was no technological problem—at least not on my part.

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If you are buying an iPhone from my understanding you don't have to buy it from Visible for it to be compatible. Doesn't Apple have a payment plan if you need to go that route? I say this because in the next year or two if I need a phone I am thinking iPhone maybe and I certainly am not buying it from Visible.

Actually, I was looking at a couple of Androids that looked interesting. Right now buying a phone isn’t a big issue. My problems with Visible have nothing to do with my patience or tech skills.

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As far as android phones Motorola is not a good choice unless you buy it from Visible. I was looking at Motorola phone on eBay, the same models that Visible sells, checked IMEI numbers of phones that had them listed, close to 100, found one and it happened to have been sold by Visible earlier last year. I never looked into any Samsung phones so not sure about those. Google Pixel seems to pass the checker. I found about 6 or 7 in the hour I looked on eBay, they were Pixel 6A and 7 and everyone of those all passed the checker. Not sure about the cheaper brands outside of the ones that is sold here. 


Once the card is activated it can be moved to just about any newer android and it should work whether it passes the checker or not. Bad thing is if one has issues with service customer service told me I would not get help using an unapproved phone, (my 2021 model). I mentioned that my account needed to be updated with the current phone because the me giving them the IMEI number for the newer phone did nothing to change my account to reflect that.


I hope your new card that comes gets you wi-fi calling fixed. Good luck!




My phone was stolen and I contacted Vsble to suspend my service until my new cell phone arrives.  I contacted using the chat and I was amazed how easy, effiecient, and excellent customer serivce Vsble was.  I had not problem suspending my service after verifying my account. It was quick and no hassle interaction.  I love this company since day one when I begin service with them. Remember bad customer service starts with the customer having an attitude.  As long as you are not having an attitude and understanding and polite excellent customer service will prevail.