Data caps

Novice II

Can anyone please tell me what the data cap is for the $25 visible plan (basic plan)?


Intermediate III

There is no data cap on the $25 plan. Your traffic is de-prioritized during peak usage period vs other users of the Verizon network. The Visible+ plan gives you 40 50 GB of priority data before you'll be de-prioritized. Hot spot usage similarly has no data cap; however hot spot speed is typically limited to 5 Mbps. At the same time, "detected" video streaming is limited to a speed that is typically suited to only 480p resolution. There are a lot of different variables that can impact speed, but for all intents and purposes Visible provides unlimited data at your prevailing speed which can vary greatly by location.

Novice III

There's no data cap but speeds can be impacted or slowed during peak usage.