#Wrong Ph Number for 2 step verification


I did not intend to start an account with a commitment to have Visible Service. Was assigned a phone number which I is NOT mine. I cannot get chat help from Visible Customer Service because It is requiring 2 step verification to chat but then tries to verify with number that’s not mine. I was charged $30 and it’s monthly autopay. I need help correcting & reversing current charges and stopping future autopay but I can’t get chat help because I can’t get into my account. 


You don't need to sign into your account to chat. It may ask you to sign in but just bypass it. Once you get the dialog box type agent, you may need to do this more than once. They will temporarily disable your account by sending you a verification to the email address on the account. You can also contact them by Dm through Facebook messenger or Twitter. 


I am having the same issue. I signed up for 15 day free trial, registered with email, password etc. They apparently assigned me a phone number. I did not use the 15 day free trial, (didn't know how) but when I try to log in (successful) and try to continue set up of a permanent account (unsuccessful) , they are sending the two step verification code to the ph number they assigned me that I have no access to. 

Two options, get a hold of customer service by chat, you don't need to sign into to do this, just go to visible.com click help at the top and in the bottom right click the little blue box, type agent or live agent in the dialog box. The other option is to just use another email address and sign up for a new account, this may be the easier route. Good luck!

Intermediate II

Try facebook chat.