Did Visible go out of Business? Where is their Customer Support? Why does the App no longer work?


I have been trying to pay my Visible bill for DAYS now, following right after my service was disconnected because I forgot to update my payment method on file. I have sat on Chat for HOURS and HOURS waiting and typing and have gotten ZERO response from anyone, for the last THREE days. I've been using and have loved using Visible for almost 3 years. But for them to completely shut down their Customer Support with an app that is just as broken and useless, not to mention the fact my phone has been disconnected from the world and no resolution in sight, THAT is where the line is drawn for me, I'm sorry to say. Fortunately for me, the "Port Out" Request is just about the ONLY working link available when I sign in on my computer. I suppose it's a sign I guess. Which is too bad. After 3 years, I'm surprised Visible doesn't seem to care about keeping their long-time customer base (or anyone for that matter! Judging by the other posts, NO one can get any help from the Customer Care Team--like they just went out of business and forgot to tell everyone?) Oh well, I wish I could stick around to find out what should be an easy solution to my problem, but I'll have to concur with what another user posted: "Good-bye Visible, it's not me, it's you."



Yeah so I went 48 hours without any network service and no help from their support. I switched to Mint with an eSIM in less than 20 minutes and my service is fine. 

I am having the same issue. How is service at mint? Visible is clearly garbage at this point. 

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scary, I was just in the process of switching to visible today after reading a bunch of scathing reviews regarding my first choice, Mint 😞